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Looking to make microgreens a regular thing?

A subscription will get our nutritious microgreens in your hungry little hands on a regular basis.

How it works:

Having subscribers helps us to plan our crops ahead of time, which is crucial in minimizing our wasted product.

The result is a more cost effective approach, which keeps our pricing low.

By signing up for a minimum 6 delivery subscription, you will receive a minimum 5 units of microgreens with each delivery at 20% off the regular price. That's a substantial savings! gets delivered right to your door at no additional cost!

You choose which items you want to receive, all different or all the same... it makes no difference to us!

Once you place your order, you will receive your first delivery on a Friday within two weeks, and every second Friday from then until your subscription runs out.

To continue getting the savings, you can renew your subscription as often as you like!


5 units = $25 to $50 per delivery depending on your order

With a subscription it drops to $20 to $40 delivered

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